We take pride in the simplicity of our process.

Step by step phases that are clear and concise.


Interior Designer Fort Myers

Interior Designer Fort Myers

We're committed to listening intently, staying open-minded, and anticipating your needs.

Experience sophisticated design with a personalized approach and graceful simplicity.

Interior Designer Fort Myers

Step 1 - Let's Meet!

We offer complimentary phone consultations for your design project. During our conversation, we'll discuss your goals and assess compatibility. Should you prefer, you can opt for an in-person design session, where we'll delve into finances, design preferences, and requirements, enabling us to craft a tailor-made plan exclusively for you.

Interior Designer Fort Myers

Step 2 - Vision

After we define our goals for your space, we will create the initial design concept. Through a process of feedback and iterations, we can visually illustrate your designs with 3D renderings and other tools.

Interior Designer Fort Myers

Step 3 - Present

Now, let's bring the true enchantment to life! We'll create unique Design Concepts, Floor Plans, Comprehensive Product Lists, and 3D Renderings, ensuring you fully grasp and appreciate our ideas. You'll have the opportunity to inspect physical material samples, feeling and observing the textures firsthand. Afterward, simply give your approval or disapproval of our selected products with a "yes" or "no"

Interior Designer Fort Myers

Step 4 - Produce

Once we finish the design and you say yes to everything, we assist with ordering and making sure everything gets where it needs to go. You don't have to stress about all the tricky details (other than payment)- we've got the rest covered. It's as easy as that!

Interior Designer Fort Myers

Step 5 - Enjoy

After all your items are ready to be delivered, we will help coordinate and oversee the delivery and installation. We'll arrange the furniture, place artwork, add accessories, and take photos of the finished rooms. Your fully designed home is good to go! Now you can kick back, relax, and enjoy it. Cheers!



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"Allie was awesome to work with! She understood exactly what we wanted and we are very happy with how everything turned out. She took the stress out of selecting all the finishes, helped with the space planning and overall layout of our spaces. She was very responsive to all our needs!"


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